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Are you restless and yearning for something more in your life?

Are you feeling stuck – in your career or your personal life?

Perhaps you’re looking at your empty nest and wondering what’s next?

Have you reached your full potential?

If any of these questions resonate with you, then it’s time for a coach. I am a certified coach specializing in the following areas:

Executive Leadership Coach:

Whether you are new to a leadership role or have been leading teams for years, a coach can help you achieve your goals and increase your impact. I have over 25 years’ experience working with executives in high-tech companies.

"Korie's expertise, insights, and guidance have been life-changing. For every challenge and struggle I've had with difficult stakeholders and cross-functional partners, Korie patiently listened and empathized based on her vast experience and knowledge of executive communications. Best yet, she provided critical advice that resulted in amazing opportunities and key milestones in my career. Thank you, Korie!"

Transition Coach:

Transitions are hard. They are especially hard when you try to do them on your own. With focused, personal, confidential and pro-active coaching you will be on your path to identifying your next stage of life.

"I was in a mid-life career transition and feeling overwhelmed by the uncertainty of my next move. Korie helped me zero-in on what I really wanted out of my career and discover what was holding me back. I became more intentional about my search and more confident in what I had to offer. It was like she drew it out of me. The best part was reaching a point where I had multiple opportunities and had the clarity to recognize what was best for me. I’m thriving in my current role and grateful for the process Korie guided me through to help me get here."

"Korie helped me transpose my thinking from 'what do I transcend today?' to 'what I can potentially be a master of tomorrow?' in my career. That provoking allowed me to consider stretch opportunities I had previously discounted as not being qualified. End result, I landed outside my comfort zone with a new and challenging best possible outcome."

Creativity & Presentation Coach:

Do you want to rediscover your muse or explore your creative spirit in a new way? I combine my background in theater and writing with my skills as a coach to bring out the fun, creative soul within you.

"Korie created such a safe space for me to re-tune into my senses and embark on a brand new journey of creative expression! I am so grateful for her coaching to bring out my creative sensibilities."

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