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My background in directing theater taught me how to create compelling experiences through creative story telling, discipline, and team building. Those skills served me well for more than 25 years in the communications field. Today, I offer communication consulting services in the following areas:

Executive & Thought Leadership:

Do you need a thought partner? Someone to challenge your thinking or provide fresh perspective? Perhaps you need a strategic communication plan to promote transformation in your organization. Do you have a keynote presentation looming and you need help in development and stage presence? I can help in all those areas and much more.

“Korie is an exceptional communicator, she has unique ability to understand an existing culture and the skill to tailor her craft to both accommodate and challenge teams in that environment. Korie has become a valuable member of my senior staff and I cannot imagine what this year would have been without her. She's exceptional at what she does, she is an outstanding person and I really enjoy working with her."

"Korie is a joy to work with; smart, creative, charming and very dedicated, she has first class writing and presentation skills and is one of the most diplomatic and level headed people I have worked with. Working with company executives and multiple stakeholders she gave insightful counsel and strategic recommendations and always maintained a cool head even when the going got tough."

Internal Communication:

Do you want new, creative strategies to inspire your team? I’ve built internal communication teams from scratch and led teams in large organizations. I have expertise in internal branding programs, change management and team-building offsites.

"What really sets Korie apart is her ability to use communication to help set strategy and drive change. She considers communication a driver, not simply an output."

Workshop Design & Facilitation:

As a certified coach and experienced leader, I have years of expertise in designing and facilitating workshops on a variety of topics including life purpose, core values, relationship to money and career transition . I also create and facilitate team offsites. 

"I came to this workshop expecting the beginning of my exploration and I left with goals and next steps!"

"I learned a lot about myself and enjoyed meeting fellow life explorers. Korie provided great facilitation, is an excellent listener and designed thoughtful curriculum."

"I liked the chance to do things in person where real connection takes place. My expectation were far exceeded!"

Event Strategy:

My theater background served me well as I designed corporate events, general sessions and executive keynotes. I offer services in planning, production and execution of small to large events.

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