My Journey

I was born a Jersey girl who loved to ice skate on the local pond, visit Manhattan at Christmas time and dance around the fairy ring in the woods behind my house.

That all changed when I was eight. We moved to the hot, dry desert of Scottsdale, Arizona where I spent days learning how to stand barefoot on the scalding sidewalks so I could be like the other cool (and hot!) kids. I stayed long enough to get my B.F.A. from Arizona State University in directing theater and then high-tailed it to the San Francisco Bay Area for my master’s degree.

Upon graduation, at the urging and with the support of others, I started an experimental theater company called By Popular Demand, which taught me the value of saying yes, taking risks and trusting in the creative process. After a few years, I realized the life of a starving artist was not my cup of tea, so I turned to another form of theater that paid a lot better – the dramatic world of Silicon Valley.

I was surprised to find all the skills that made me successful in theater were equally valuable in the Corporate World! I knew how to create a memorable story arc for an audience. I knew the value of collaborating as a team. I knew how to nurture creativity for a remarkable outcome. I knew discipline and attention to detail were essential to success. I knew how to coach for best performance and I knew how to stay calm in high-pressure, high-stakes situations.

For thirty years, I was allowed to blossom and succeed as a communications professional working with executives in a variety of high-tech companies. I built teams, ran production events and found other displaced theater gypsies that are now wonderful friends. Yet, I knew the pace was unsustainable. Once my children crossed over into adulthood, it was time for something different. In July 2015, I volunteered to be laid off and embarked on my 3rd Act.

I’ve spent the time since then explaining what I do now. I’m no longer easily identified by the “one thing” known as a full-time job.

I write. I consult. I coach. I volunteer. I explore. I nap. I travel. I exercise. I spend time with my friends and family. I know more about politics, which is great and upsetting at the same time. I occasionally watch Netflix in the middle of the day as a not-so-guilty pleasure. 

Most of all, I have a strong belief that I am never lost, just exploring, as I travel through my 3rdAct with passion and purpose.

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