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There hasn’t been a lot about this trip that was conventional. I didn’t book a round trip ticket and I didn’t plan anything past the trip through Spain. So it should come as no surprise that the rest of the trip came together in a very non-linear way as well. Probably not the recommended way to approach travel planning in general, but I’ve trusted the process so far and it seems to be working pretty well. In any case, I wasn’t about to stop now. So where in the world will I be going now?

The day before I left home I was noodling around the internet for something and came upon a yoga retreat in Santorini, Greece for the end of September. “Wow,” I thought, “2 bucket list items in one shot – a yoga retreat and Greece!” Unfortunately, it was fully booked with a waitlist so on a whim I sent a note and asked for further information for future retreats. By the time I arrived in Barcelona, I had a note saying there was one more spot open. I took it as a sign! So after speaking to the woman running the trip, I was in.

Thus I had plans now from Sept 29-Oct 5 in Greece. But what should I  do between southern Spain and then? I knew I had to stay in the warmer climes since that was the only type of attire I had with me and I wanted to go to some place(s) that I’d never been before. Like a kid in a candy shop, I drove myself crazy doing research and then added a layer of reality on top. So it will be Florence for 3 days, basking in the creative and cultural atmosphere of Italy and then on to Athens for 4 days to see the birthplace of theater. That filled in the gap. Now I needed to get off the island of Santorini and go . . . ?

By this time I thought it might be time to head home but I wanted to use my air miles and try to fly nonstop. The only city that fit those parameters? Paris. “Quel dommage!” I thought, “I’ll have to go to Paris and maybe see the city when it isn’t raining cats and dogs, which was my experience last time.”

So I’ll be home soon with suitcase in tow and stories in hand. In the meantime, on to the next adventure!


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