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The Must-See Mezquita in Cordoba

Most travel guides mention Cordoba as an optional side trip from Seville and the first time I was in this region I opted not to go. Given a second opportunity, I decided to go and I am so glad I did. The Mezquita is a must-see.

Moorish archways as you enter the Mezquita in Cordoba

Boarding the high speed rail from Seville to Cordoba got us there in 45 minutes and a nice 15 minute walk had us at the gates of the Mesquita. While this is currently a full functioning Catholic church (and has been since 1236!), it was originally a Caliphate Mosque. The respect for that history and the blending of the faiths through the architecture made this an emotionally stirring experience for me.

Blending faiths
Blending faiths through architecture

The scale is imposing and the ornate details almost overwhelming.

A fully active church since 1236

It’s hard to top the Mesquita, so why try? Instead stroll across the river for some perspective and a cappuccino!

The Mesquita from across the Guadalquivir river.
The Mesquita from across the Guadalquivir river.
They know how to do cappuccino right in Cordoba.
They know how to do cappuccino right in Cordoba.

The heat in Cordoba was intense so as we wandered through the streets, we peeked into the inner patios, seeking a source of shade. What we found was much more than that.

Cool patios are the pride of the locals
Cool patios are the pride of the locals

In fact, patios are a source of artistic expression for the locals, culminating in a festival each May with a competition for their designs. This is a tradition that dates back to Roman times and continues with great pride today.

Like the patios, I felt that Cordoba was a hidden gem that had opened a door for me; a door of religious acceptance, a love of life and an appreciation for bringing natural beauty to your home.


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