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It’s a Sign: Looking for Local Loos

Note: While I started this blog as a light-hearted reflection on signs, the definition of gender has once again risen to a political debate. So, in addition to the silliness, I offer this as a way of reminding us that all people are beautiful spirits meant to be cherished, regardless of gender identity. 


The Italians know the universal “distress” sign

In the continuing and occasional series featuring my fixation with signs, this one rests its wandering eye on the universal symbols for restrooms, bathrooms, loos, lavatories, banos, toilets, powder rooms, washrooms, and water closets.

I would posit these are the most important signs when traveling.

I’m fine with being quietly lost as long as my bladder is not screaming at me! As an antidote to our daily news, I offer some amusing, interesting and downright silly signs that provide literal relief.

And yes, I know it’s weird to lurk outside the mens room attempting to take a discreet photo of the door. . .

My favorite from Ashland, Oregon
Scottsdale, Arizona
Santorini, Greece
Okay, I was confused for a moment in Edinburgh, Scotland
Grand Bahama Island
Dublin, Ireland
Edinburgh Fringe Festival-it had to do with cows…nuff said
Artistic and fun in Scottsdale, AZ
The latest in technology to rate your experience!

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