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The Fringe – Edinburgh Style

It’s time to start planning summer vacations and I’m going to highlight one of my favorite experiences on the planet; the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Edinburgh is a small, tightly packed city that oozes with literary inspiration and deep historical references. The rainy, cold winter weather makes it very easy to hole up inside and do something creative – like dream up a crazy festival (since 1947!) that encourages artists “on the fringe” of society to showcase their work.

What’s not to love about an entire month dedicated to theater performances, musicians, artists and dancers converging on a city so welcoming and lovely that you get swept up in a tide of creativity and joy? During our visit, we saw Game of Thrones, the Musical (yep, try imagining that!), The Tap Pack (tap dancers that amazed), improv performances, and street musicians busking on every corner. Be sure to try haggis, taste whiskey and enjoy whatever the special of the day is at the local pub.

Beyond the frenzy that is the Fringe, don’t miss the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo. If you go, a word to the wise…book a taxi ahead of time after the Tattoo! Edinburgh transportation just doesn’t scale for the volume of people, so be prepared to walk (which is lovely) or book a cab.

Be sure to include a day tour to the highlands or search for the Loch Ness monster via Rabbie’s Tour group and enjoy the walking tours in the city to see where J.K. Rowling was inspired to write the Harry Potter series.

Bring your warm clothes, hiking boots, an umbrella and a spirit of adventure ready to explore and revel in the joy of artists expressing themselves for all to see. Who knows? You may feel inspired to explore your own edgy, fringe of creativity.

In search of Nessie
Hiking around Edinburgh
Highland streams
Tea and Tarts!

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