3rd Act Gypsy

Never Lost. Just Exploring.

My journey as a 3rd Act Gypsy had been years in the planning but officially began in 2015 when I volunteered to be laid off from my Corporate World job. I bought a one-way ticket to Barcelona with the intent to discover my own voice and share my travel adventures through my blog.

Over time, it has become so much more as I deepen the discovery and exploration of life after the 9-5 routine.

Today, I dedicate this space to current and future 3rdAct Gypsies. Through my reflections, foibles and experiences, it is my sincere hope to inspire you to discover your own unique path and plan for your 3rd Act.

If you are entering this phase or beginning to think about it, welcome. More than anything, I look forward to hearing from, and learning from, all of you that join this community. Let’s hit the road and see what life has in store for us!

How to Welcome a Grandson

After forty weeks of anticipation, it was time to greet my first grandchild. The focus had been on the health and care of my daughter-in-law

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Reasons for Seasons

I’m sitting here watching the last baseball game of the Giants’ season. My eyes are filled with tears as I watch Brandon Crawford, their all-star

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Bountiful BeNeLux

My first post-pandemic trip with my cousin was a two-week trip to the BeNeLux region (Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg). We chose late April so we

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Wows, Vows & Kapows

Origins of a Word Nerd I had a high school English teacher that was young, cute and desperate to do well in what I’m pretty

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Mama’s Lost Her Zen

It’s Mother’s Day weekend and I have to be honest; Mama’s lost her Zen. Compounding Events Events during the Trump years brought me to edges

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